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Yeowards is one of the UK's main outlets for Ribeye and Zodiac inflatables.

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With the Inflatable and RIB market literally flooded with options these days, it can be very confusing even knowing where to start looking for a new RIB. In order to try and make this process a little easier we have chosen a very simple strategy; pick the two best brands available! One each from the UK and the continent, these two brands over the years have become synonymous with style, build quality and above all the ability to offer the smoothest of rides through the most challenging of sea conditions.

The first of these brands is Zodiac. Zodiac have been supplying the RIB world for generations. They provide solutions for both commercial and leisure users. From superyacht tenders to life rafts to family runarounds, Zodiac can provide you with fully fitted out RIBS to bare open boats. These open boats give the end user the freedom to design the internal layout and seating to best accommodate your needs. Zodiac has probably got the most comprehensive range of boats in the RIB world, so if you don’t see what you need on these pages let us know and I’m sure we’ll find what you’re looking for.

Ribeye are a UK based firm who have made huge strides in the industry over the last 10 years, and now find themselves as the undisputed leaders of the pack when it comes to combining stunning looks with clever design features and unbeatable performance. Ribeye have also got the best line up of Aluminium boats within their model range ensuring that there is a suitable Ribeye from tender to Offshore RIB. So whether you are looking for a brand new, or second hand RIB, let us use our experience to guide you. We have the knowledge and expertise to filter through the other brands to offer you the very best solutions for your boating requirements.

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